Ken Fisher is striking back with an advertising campaign that showcases female employees to clear up his firm’s image after he made lewd remarks.

One full-page advertisement, featuring seven female employees at Fisher Investments, is headlined: “You Heard Their Story. Now Hear Ours.” It includes statistics that put the company in a favorable light: “Over 800 women strong, with women leading 63% of employees.”

The campaign follows a backlash against Fisher. Clients including pension funds and investment firms have yanked almost $3.9 billion in response to inappropriate remarks he made in October. Days after, the company introduced a diversity and inclusion task force and Chief Executive Officer Damian Ornani stressed the money manager’s commitment to women.

The advertisements include testimonials from women defending the company. A vice president of global marketing says, “The stories out there don’t feel like who we are, and if they were, I wouldn’t be here.”

The company has also set up a website to provide more information about women at the firm.

The ads were published in the Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Morning News on Friday.

A Fisher spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a call for comment.

This article was provided by Bloomberg News.