Sioux Falls, S.D.-based Kingdom Trust announced on Tuesday an agreement that will allow individual retirees using its all-asset Choice retirement account to safeguard their tax-advantaged bitcoin holdings with Fidelity Digital Assets.

Choice account holders can opt-in to a new program to have their bitcoin held in cold storage exclusively by Fidelity Digital Assets, which means they will no longer have to manage their own private keys.

“We've seen significant progress in the infrastructure supporting investors in digital assets, and an evolution in the range of investors adopting digital assets into their portfolios," said Christine Sandler, head of sales and marketing at Fidelity Digital Assets, in released comments. "We welcome innovation in this space and progressive offerings like the Choice retirement account that enable investments in digital assets and ultimately supports the maturation of the entire ecosystem."

Fidelity Digital Assets was launched as a bitcoin custody service for institutional clients in 2018. Kingdom Trust’s recently launched Choice retirement account is an IRA capable of holding any kind of asset, most notably cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Before the agreement with Fidelity, Choice account holders were provided with options that could cover the full spectrum of risk from holding their own private keys to using bitcoin to subsidize a free account.

“For anyone who was considering bitcoin as part of their retirement portfolio, but was waiting for the infrastructure to mature and for familiar names to enter the space, that day is today," said Ryan Radloff, CEO of Kingdom Trust, in released comments.