Laserfiche, a provider of software document management products, says advisors can now integrate its systems with

The company has launched an integration package that will allow advisors to combine their customer relationship management systems with their Laserfiche enterprise content management systems. Laserfiche serves more than 28,000 organizations worldwide.

"Laserfiche's open architecture allows advisors to instantly access critical client documentation from within their CRM applications, saving time and effort," says Tom Wayman, vice president of product strategy at Laserfiche.
David Drucker, editor of Technology Tools for Today, says the move isn't surprising considering Schwab's recent selection of as its primary CRM integration partner.

"The Salesforce/Schwab partnership suggests that more advisors will be using Salesforce in the future," Drucker said in a Laserfiche press release. "By integrating early with Salesforce, it could put Laserfiche in a stronger position to become one of Schwab's ECM integration choices in the future."