LPL Financial has added chat and email support, as well as enhanced self-service guides, to the services it provides to advisors through ClientWorks. 

The new capabilities and tools, being rolled out today, are designed to make it more convenient and more personalized for advisors to connect to live and on-demand service support, a company release said.

The technology expands upon the overall digital service experience available to LPL advisors through ClientWorks, which offers on-demand access and self-service capabilities.

“We recognize that the best call is the one an advisor doesn’t have to make. As a result, we’ve added valuable tools designed to minimize interruptions in their workflows so they can easily access the information they need when they need it, meeting them where they are,” Dayton Semerjian, LPL Financial managing director and chief customer care officer, said in a statement.

The services being introduced today include the following:
• Live Chat, an option that allows advisors to connect with a service professional while working in ClientWorks, giving them the ability to multitask as a service professional works on their request.
• Call Me, an option where advisors can request a call from a service professional within ClientWorks by selecting a topic from a drop-down menu and entering their phone number.
• Call You Back, an option that eliminates advisors being placed on hold. It prompts a service professional to call back when it is the caller’s turn. 
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routing, a voice-directed feature that enables advisors, when making a call, to speak their need, then routes the caller to the most knowledgeable, first-available service professional.

Semerjian noted that the new enhancements allow advisors to streamline their efforts to gather accurate information, saving them time and leaving them confident with the service they receive from LPL as their partner. “We are committed to making continuous investments in service and support to elevate the level of care we provide to our clients and change the expectation within our industry,” he said.