The five states with the largest percentage of millionaires per capita is the same as last year, with Maryland again leading the list, according to Phoenix Marketing International’s 2012 ranking of millionaires.

In Maryland, 7.31 percent of households are millionaires, followed by Hawaii, with 7.29 percent, and New Jersey, with 7.27 percent, according to Phoenix’s Global Wealth Monitor.

Connecticut came in fourth with 7.21 percent and Massachusetts was fifth with 6.51 percent.

Phoenix Global Wealth Monitor provides intelligence on affluent consumers. It defines millionaires as those with $1 million or more in liquid assets, not counting pension plans or real estate.

The rest of the top 10 in order are Alaska, Virginia, California, New Hampshire ad the District of Columbia.

"Millionaires in the U.S. now number just over 6 million households out of about 118.5 million, or about 5 percent, but control over $22 trillion in liquid wealth,” says David Thompson, managing director of Phoenix Global Wealth Monitor. “That is a staggering number and provides further evidence of the concentration of wealth in this country.”