Men less than 35 years old are much less likely to ask for outside financial help with their retirement investments than women of the same age, says a new study by Spectrem Group.

Spectrem's Retirement Market Insights says that of people who participate in retirement plans, 44% of men under 35 make their own decisions without outside help, compared with 28% of women.

Unlike 20 years ago when retirement plans offered few options, many plans now offer a host of choices, some of which can be confusing. Some 28% of young men and 25% of women rely on the plan provider for advice, while only 15% of young men go to an outside professional financial advisor. For women that number is nearly double at 27%. Additionally, 21% of young women rely on family and friends, while 13% of young men trust their family and friends to give advice.

Advisors need to clearly communicate to the young men that they have financial expertise in order to capture their business now and into the future as their incomes' grow, the study says. Educating them about investment options available, including ones that provide guaranteed returns, is important for advisors.