Morgan Stanley Wealth Management has launched a referral arrangement with PinnacleCare, a health advisory firm, to provide medical referrals and health advice for the clients of its financial advisors, Morgan Stanley announced Tuesday.

The agreement is designed to provide a more holistic approach for its clients to manage health-care costs and services, Morgan Stanley says.

Benefits with the PinnacleCare arrangement include the ability to coordinate access to medical institutions and resources, referrals to vetted doctors and consultations on private health insurance and Medicare enrollments.

Through its alliance with PinnacleCare, Morgan Stanley will offer an eldercare option for geriatric assessments and coordination of associated medical needs and insurance claims.

“Health related decisions are becoming more complex and we are seeing a convergence in health and wealth planning, as concerns over costs escalate,” says Bruce Spector, chairman and founder of PinnacleCare. “We leverage our experience with leading research PhDs, medical specialists and centers of excellence to engage the right physicians and guide people through the medical choices and treatment options available to them.”