Over two-thirds of respondents in a recent MassMutual survey said they don’t have enough money saved in case of a financial emergency, and vacation planning took precedence over retirement planning for many.

The survey found that more of those polled carefully research and plan every detail of their next vacation (42 percent) than they do with their retirement (32 percent).

In addition, 69 percent of respondents lack enough savings in a “rainy day fund”  to handle a financial emergency. Forty-three percent said they have some, but probably not enough, and a quarter (26 percent) said they do not have a sufficient amount saved up in case of an emergency.

Less than a third (31 percent) of respondents said they definitely have enough money saved in a “rainy day fund”.

On average, those who said they have enough money saved have $72,300 put aside, but those who said they don’t have enough money saved have, on average, $2,300 stored away.

Seventy-five percent of respondents said they have sought information regarding their personal finances or retirement planning through various outlets, including financial institutions (44 percent), online tools (42 percent), family (27 percent) and friends (19 percent), according to MassMutual.

However, 25 percent said they have not received any information about personal finance or retirement planning. For those without enough saved up for a “rainy day,” this number was dramatically higher (49 percent) than among those who do have enough saved (11 percent).

According to MassMutual, this shows that sound financial advice can help people put away the money they need for a potential financial emergency and for a secure retirement.

KRC Research, on behalf of MassMutual, conducted two separate online surveys. The first was conducted in October 2014 among 1,010 adults age 18 or older. The second was conducted in November 2014 among 1,006 adults age 18 or older.