More responsibility is being shifted to people to begin financial planning earlier so they can support themselves later in life, yet the message isn't getting through on a broad enough scale.

At least, that's what a new poll from Northwestern Mutual seems to indicate.

The Parents and Planning Poll by Northwestern Mutual and Facebook found that nearly half of parents have no financial plan in place, and that nearly 20% of parents created a plan only after having children.  

Forty-five percent of the approximately 1,700 survey respondents indicated they have children, but have yet to create a financial plan. Fifteen percent of the respondents put a plan in place before pregnancy, with 9% creating a plan during pregnancy and 17% following the child's birth.

The results of the poll correspond with findings from Northwestern Mutual's Planning and Progress Study released earlier this year. That study found that when it comes to financial planning, a significant percentage (38%) of Americans have a goal, but do not have an actual plan.

"Financial planning is often overlooked, when in fact it should be viewed as an important step parents can take to achieve a greater sense of security as they navigate various life phases," says Bill Taylor, vice president of financial planning for Northwestern Mutual.