Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers!

Today we have an action-packed agenda on fintech for you, including a look at the record-breaking Q2 2019 fintech investments worldwide from investment bank Financial Technology Partners. The investments total an astounding $10.9 Billion for the quarter, cutting across a wide swath of fintech sectors with North America in the lead for the most investments worldwide.

We also have a new 3 Questions feature with Anders Jones of FacetWealth, plus a look at a new investor survey from Grayscale Investments and QB Research on who currently invests in Bitcoin. We even tell you which political party they skew toward. (You’ll have to read the piece to find out).

Other fintech-related articles include a look at how robo-advisors are NOT gaining traction among affluent investors, plus insight into how AI is being used in the wealthtech sector (hint: it’s becoming much more mainstream).  Finally we take a look back at the week in review from our resident wealthtech expert Vasyl Solushchuk. LOTS of great info for you today, folks!  Read up!

Cindy Taylor, Publisher

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