Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintekers! I'm writing this on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, which is a very big day in my hometown of Atlanta, and feeling inspired by his words and actions. I am immensely grateful for the time he spent on this earth.

Today’s newsletter is a fun one, with great coverage on important industry surveys and a fresh new face in our 3 Questions series.  Funny thing – we used to have to practically beg women in the industry to avail themselves for content. Now we’re seeing so many more women put themselves out there for editorial features – like our friends Kimberly Beck of Envestnet and Kelly Waltrich of Orion who we recently featured in this newsletter, just to name a few. Today we meet the young and impressive Alexis Brock, who handles business development & marketing for Axxcess Wealth Management, a firm that, in her words, offers “the advisor and client the tools to invest, track, and monitor more complex portfolios that include limited partnerships and direct investments, along with strategies and managers tailored for the high net worth investor.”

As always, we have two posts from our resident wealthtech expert Vasyl Soloshchuk, who provides us the Wealthtech Weekly series and another post today on a research collaboration with MyVest and F2 Strategy looking at customization versus control in wealth management. 

In his Grey Swan piece, digital asset industry insider Bill Taylor takes a look at the question "what if the market continues to melt up, defying predictions that we’re imminently headed for a correction?" It is a thought-provoking read.

We also have a piece covering recent research from digital asset firm Bitwise, indicating that advisors are slowly but steadily continuing to embrace Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Finally, we finish up with a look at the mega-deal between fintech Plaid and Visa and revisit NBA player Spencer Dinwiddie’s intent to move forward with a crypto bond tied to his earnings, despite the NBA’s objections: We love it!

Read up folks, and be in the fintech (and wealthtech!) know.

Yours in Fintech,
Cindy Taylor