Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers!  Getting in the spirit for Thanksgiving next week – can’t wait for Turkey Day!

In this week’s newsletter, our latest roundup of industry news in our Wealthtech Weekly column includes word of several new partnerships with Infinex and Jemstep, AdvicePay and Valmark, and MyVest and F2 Strategy, plus several new integrations.
We also have a guest post from wealthtech expert Vasyl Solushchuk entitled “The Future Of Financial Advisors Is Technology Augmented” where he has interviewed Joe Elsasser, CEO and founder of Covisum.  Interestingly, Joe also runs a wealth management firm, and in fact, its that background that caused him to launch Covisum.

In “Crypto Specialist Helps Advisors Make Sense Of Virtual Currencies,” we chat with Matt Hougan, global head of research for Bitwise Asset Management, which created the world’s first and largest cryptocurrency index fund serving the financial advisor market.  Many of you may also know Matt, a longtime luminary in the ETF marketplace, from his other role as chairman of Inside ETFs conferences.  At any rate, a fascinating read on the crypto market you need to check out.  

Also on the crypto front, in "Cryptosphere Courts Gold Bugs As Bitcoin Loses Some Luster," we review the pending launch of Tether Gold.  Gold-backed tokens have become popular of late, as Bitcoin has lost some of its allure with investors.   
We’ve also posted a piece from Bill Hortz of the Institute for Innovation Development on the increasing use by advisors of model marketplaces for their client portfolios.  In “Basic Planning for Digital Assets,” we learn that this encompasses everything from “pictures stored on devices to websites, copyrights, emails, financial information, social media accounts, loyalty programs, electronic books and online records. Cryptocurrencies, tokens, smart contracts and records stored or rights accessible on blockchain networks are also considered digital assets.”  Advisors need to understand the many ramifications and regulations surrounding this asset class.

We finish up with a look at how one industry insider claims it will take Bitcoin to hit $150,000 (hint, as we write this, it is currently at $8,135) before an ETF can work and end with a separate look from cybersecurity guru Sid Yemanandra of Entreda on the  need for RIAs and B-Ds to do a whole network risk assessment of all potential cybersecurity threats.  Sounds like a tall order, but one that needs to be part of an advisors ongoing business.

Another information-packed newsletter for our readers today, covering everything from the latest in wealthtech news to the newest digital asset offerings and more.  Read up and be in the know!

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Cindy Taylor, Publisher