Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintechers! For our friends celebrating the Christmas season, we hope your days have been Merry and Bright thus far! 

Even though we’re approaching the end of year, we still have a very full agenda of fintech and wealthtech news for you today.

We lead off with the weekly wealthtech news from our resident expert, Vasyl Soloshchuk, who provides updates from Vestmark, LPL, AdvisorEngine and more. Vasyl also looks at how artificial intelligence touches the wealth management market in his interview with Davyde Wachell, founder and CEO of Responsive AI.

In our next feature, Sid Yenamandra of Entreda shares why advisors who have a cloud-based tech stack are not immune to cybersecurity threats, and what they can do about it. We also have a new 3 Questions Q&A with Dan Rosen, CEO and founder of Canadian wealthtech d1g1t, an enterprise wealth management platform that is powered by institutional-grade analytics and risk management tools.

An article by Financial Advisor writer Ray Fazzi notes that Nationwide Advisory Solutions recently commissioned a study of tech usage among advisors, and found, “Millennial advisors are more attuned to the importance of technology in driving profits than their elder colleagues.” This is a piece you must check out. 

Finally, we finish with two pieces looking at the darker side of fintech. In “Robots In Finance Could Wipe Out Some Of Its Highest-Paying Jobs” we revisit a topic we have often written about in the past—how AI and robotics could take over not only hamburger flipping jobs, but also higher paying finance jobs. Keep sharp, folks! 

Finally, we look at a $722M cryptocurrency “high tech Ponzi scheme” perpetrated through the Bitclub Network. Though we’ve long been an advocate of digital assets, we fully acknowledge that bad actors play in this space.

That said, we hope you have a fabulous week and remember to use your fintech apps to pay for your holiday gift shopping! 

Yours in Fintech,

Cindy Taylor, Publisher