Happy Tuesday, Fellow Fintekers!
Today’s column is short but sweet due to travel, but we’re covering trillions and trillions of news items this week (see below for explanation). Our team—yours truly included—are at the Inside ETFs and TD LINC conferences this week and we’re all happy to be out of the Northeast and Atlanta winter weather and in sunny Florida.

Today, we start with the Wealthtech Weekly article from Vasyl Soloshchuk on the latest industry news, along with his story on NEXA Insights, which is essentially a SurveyMonkey alternative for the financial category that also boasts integrations with wealthtech firms Orion and Redtail, among others.

Wondering what the trillions and trillions reference above is about? This past week, two prominent wealthtech firms—Orion and LifeYield—both announced they had reached $1 trillion in assets under advisement. We’ve written posts on both, and all we can say is "Wow!—that’s a very big number!"

We also have a new Three Questions interview with Gordy Abel, chief marketing officer of Dynasty Financial Partners. Wealthtech behemoth Envestnet just acquired a portion of the firm’s assets, and we can’t wait to see how that will unfold. In the meantime, this is a great read on their tech enablement and capabilities. 

Next up is news of the appointment of 14 new advisors to Turing Technology, an firm founded in 2016 that offers “the Hercules Database that captures real-time daily holdings and portfolio weights of actively managed mutual funds, the Ensemble Active Management (EAM) Portfolios and the Downside Volatility Management (DVM) Portfolios.

And we finish with news from bitcoin trust Grayscale Investments that endowments, pensions and hedge funds are all boosting their cryptocurrency holdings. Being fans of digital currencies and assets, we’re thrilled to hear the news.  

Read up, folks, and be in the fintech know! And if you’re at TD LINC this week, stop by the FA booth and say hello—we love meeting our readers!

Yours in Fintech,
Cindy Taylor