Omaha, Neb.-based Orion Advisor Services has launched a social-based system implementation tool for advisors.

Orion Social connects advisors with experts, online tutorials and their advisor peers to help facilitate and enhance their use of Orion’s software.

“We’re definitely trying to extend our service offering, and we think Orion Social is a big step forward for us,” says Orion CEO Eric Clarke. “We think this is innovative for advisors.”

Orion Social connects to advisors’ Orion portfolio accounting dashboard, giving them direct access to programs and tools within the Orion system, and integrates with CRMs like Redtail, Junxure Cloud and Salesforce AppExchange.

Orion Social will act as a reporting and inquiry tool connecting users with technology support staff and allowing advisors to track the status of inquiries and open projects.

“The goal is simply transparency,” says Seth McCune, Orion COO. “We want advisors to know where their support inquiries stand and where we are in the process of addressing their issues.”

Orion’s experts will be available to users via a real-time chat tool. Training courses will also be made available via Orion Social.

Advisors will also be able to share best practices with their peers via the Orion Social system. In beta tests, Clarke says that the ability to ask peers for advice and best practices was among the system’s most popular features.

“The response was overwhelmingly positive,” Clarke says. “Advisors appreciated the opportunity to network with each other.”

The Orion Social platform can also track and logs all advisor communications for compliance purposes, says McCune.

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