Orion Updates Custom Indexing For Independent Financial Advisors
Orion Advisor Solutions, the Omaha, Neb.-based provider of wealth tech solutions for fiduciary advisors, has said it is updating its direct indexing platform with a new “Story Paths” workflow that lets advisors create truly custom portfolios at scale, whether they are aiming to track a traditional index, replicate a factor-tilted exposure, or overlay to an existing internal or third-party separately managed account.

Like goals-based financial planning software, the new technology will allow advisors to easily select from one of several user paths so that they can customize portfolios or tax transition legacy assets within a handful of steps and minutes.

Amid growing consumer demand for more personalized services, assets in direct indexed separately managed accounts have ballooned, says Orion, pointing to research from Cerulli Associates.

Financial Finesse Unveils FinLit Certification Program For Student Athletes
Financial Finesse, the El Segundo, Calif.-based independent provider of financial wellness coaching, has launched a comprehensive online financial literacy certification program available at no cost to colleges, universities and student athletes nationwide.

Named for the 2021 NCAA policy of allowing college athletes to profit financially from the marketing and promotion of their name, image and likeness, “NIL Long Game” is available as a stand-alone digital platform for access to any individual student athlete or to any institution of higher learning seeking to integrate the program into their curriculum. The program prepares student athletes aspiring to a professional sports career by giving them the skills and knowledge to handle sudden wealth, as well as its sudden loss.

Founded in 1999 by CEO Liz Davidson, Financial Finesse provides millions of Americans with access to unbiased financial guidance through workplace financial wellness solutions.

Putnam Investments Announces Sustainable Retirement Target-Date Funds
Boston-based Putnam Investments is now offering a target-date series for the retirement savings marketplace.

The Putnam Sustainable Retirement Funds invest in actively managed sustainable and environmental, social and governance-focused exchange-traded funds managed by Putnam. It will use a glide path philosophy similar to that of another target-date offering, Putnam Retirement Advantage. The series offers vintages for every five years from 2025 through 2065, along with a maturity fund.

The Putnam Sustainable Retirement Funds will invest in ETFs across asset classes managed by the firm, including the Putnam Sustainable Future ETF; the Putnam Sustainable Leaders ETF; the Putnam ESG Core Bond ETF; the Putnam ESG High Yield ETF; the Putnam ESG Ultra Short ETF; Putnam PanAgora ESG Emerging Markets Equity ETF; and the Putnam PanAgora ESG International Equity ETF.

The Putnam Sustainable Retirement Funds succeed the Putnam RetirementReady Funds.

InvestCloud Launches White FMB+
InvestCloud, a Los Angeles fintech company, is releasing the next evolution of InvestCloud White, called InvestCloud White FMB+. The new product offers integrated front, middle and back-office InvestCloud solutions, plus simple multi-channel wealth management services to provide comprehensive tools to advisors and other wealth managers.

The product, says the company, demonstrates InvestCloud’s continued investment to support greater operational efficiency and simplify the complexity of business for wealth management clients. FMB+ includes the best of InvestCloud’s apps for client communication, planning, trading and accounting, plus business process outsourcing.

Mark Trousdale, the chief marketing officer of InvestCloud, said of the new White FMB+ offering: “There is a massive opportunity to provide huge gains in efficiency to wealth management clients due to the failures of existing players in this market.”

TruChoice Launches Two New Online Retirement Strategy Calculators
TruChoice Financial Group LLC has added two new calculators to its lineup of technology tools for financial professionals and their clients to use in developing retirement income strategies.

The two new calculators focus on evaluating clients’ ongoing income flows and addressing withdrawal rate risk. The Internal Rate of Return calculator examines income generated over time and calculates an equivalent rate of return that would be needed to generate the same cash flow, potentially through the use of fixed-index annuities.

The Withdrawal Rate Calculator provides a snapshot of a retirement portfolio highlighting the guaranteed and non-guaranteed sources of income, combining both values to generate the withdrawal rate necessary to achieve a retirement goal.

TruChoice already offers four other calculators that illustrate the impact of a sequence of returns on a retirement portfolio using specific time frames and markets to evaluate how much in retirement savings may be needed to meet income goals, as well as evaluate the cost of liquidity in a portfolio due to inflation and the life expectancy of individuals and couples given specific age parameters. 

TruChoice, a distributor of insurance products, is headquartered in the Twin Cities suburb of St. Louis Park, Minn.