ProEquities Launches Financial Advisor Apprenticeship Program
ProEquities, an independent RIA and broker-dealer, has launched GEN Next Academy, a proprietary apprenticeship program for new advisors seeking experience.

The program helps advisors new to the industry join an established office, while providing senior advisors with assistants they can train and mentor to support them.

GEN Next Academy apprentices receive access to study groups, peer networking and curriculum-based educational opportunities. They also gain access to professional coaching and discounted rates for CFP certification classes.

The program also helps its mentors by creating succession planning opportunities for training advisors to continue their working relationships with the apprentices when the program is completed.

To qualify as a mentor for the program, GEN Next Academy advisors must have a clean compliance record and a securities license.

ProEquities is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protective Life Corporation, a financial service holding company headquartered in Birmingham, Ala.

John Hancock Introduces New Retirement Planner Tool
John Hancock, a Boston-based insurance giant, has introduced a new digital tool to help individuals measure their retirement readiness and model the impact of taking different steps to improve it.

By visiting the newly redesigned John Hancock participant website, future retirees can gauge how prepared they are to live on a fixed income. The retirement planner can generate a comprehensive, personalized action plan with steps that will help them get on track to better spending habits.

Participants can adjust and model several variables in the retirement planner, such as when and where they plan to retire, their health status, lifestyle and outside savings, to see how different inputs can impact their retirement outcomes.

Saturday Releases LTC Insurance Assessment Tool
Saturday Insurance, an online independent insurance agency based in Mahwah, N.J., has created a long-term care insurance assessment tool to help families better understand the costs of long-term care, how insurance works to cover those expenses and how to plan for them.

To use the Saturday LTC Assessment tool, located at, families provide their loved one’s age, gender, marital status, and state of residence. Using that data, the assessment tool presents long-term-care costs in the area, as well as an estimated cost to care for their loved ones over their lifetimes.

Care costs are based on 2019 data from Lincoln Financial, which provides detailed costs for a range of care options in the U.S.

Founded in 2019, Saturday Insurance offers life insurance, disability insurance, income annuities and long-term care insurance directly to consumers throughout the United States.

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