As the world has accelerated towards using more technology to interact and transact, Oranj is adding a tech-focused asset manager to its platform and growing model marketplace.

The Chicago-based free-to-use wealth management and financial planning platform announced this week that it investment services and ETFs from ROBO Global will be available on its platform.

ROBO Global manages the ROBO ETF, one of the first robotics-focused ETFs available to U.S. investors. The firm also publishes portfolios, indexes and research capturing opportunities in AI, healthcare technology and robotics around the world.

“As the fields of robotics, automation, artificial intelligence and healthcare technology continue to expand and competition intensifies, financial advisors are increasingly being tasked with finding the right investment solution for their clients,” said Chris Buck, head of capital markets and sales at ROBO Global, in released comments. “We're thrilled to join with Oranj to make these investments of the future more accessible to advisors across the country.”