Bowersock Capital Partners, an all-female team from Lawrence, Kan., has joined Sanctuary Wealth with about $500 million in assets under management, according to a news release.

The six-member team, led by Emily Bowersock Hill and Kaylin Dillon, was previously with Morgan Stanley, where they were known as The Hill Group. They are the first Kansas partner for Sanctuary, the release said.

The release noted that both Bowersock and Dillon came to the financial services industry from academic backgrounds.

Bowersock, who spent 18 years with Morgan Stanley, where she held positions including executive director, senior portfolio manager and family wealth director, holds a Ph.D. in history and political science from Yale University, where she worked for several years as a research associate in International security studies while also consulting for the RAND Corporation.

“The profession has evolved considerably since I joined in 2002, and advisors today have many more options available for how to best serve their clients. We spent a lot of time investigating different business models and possible alliances, and ultimately concluded that the best choice for our clients was to partner with Sanctuary Wealth,” she said in a statement.

Dillon, who also was trained in non-financial academic disciplines, joined Morgan Stanley in 2012. She holds master's and bachelor's degrees in East Asian studies as well as a bachelor's degree in French language and literature from the University of Kansas.

She said having access to independent research will enable the team to present clients with a much wider array of investment choices, both public and private. 

Other members of the Bowersock team are Amy Clark, director of operations; Kristine Flynn, client operations specialist; Catherine Prestoy, research analyst; and Kathy Olds, senior registered operations specialist.

Jim Dickson, CEO and founder of Sanctuary Wealth, said successful advisor teams being led by women is a trend that is reshaping the industry. “That they’ve chosen to join Sanctuary Wealth as a partner firm is humbling, but also a testament to how much our network has to offer entrepreneurial-minded advisors who want the freedom and flexibility to grow their businesses,” he said.

Indianapolis-based Sanctuary Wealth network covers 14 states and includes more than 36 partner firms with approximately $10 billion in assets under advisement.