Schwab Charitable, a donor-advised fund founded by Charles Schwab & Co., announced recently that it expanded the number of investment options for its Charitable Gift Accounts.

Among the additions are a range of funds from fund companies that include American Century, Janus, Manning & Napier, Parnassus, PIMCO, and Schwab. All told, Schwab Charitable offers 12 investment pools--nine individual investment pools and three asset allocation tools comprised of both index and actively-managed funds, along with a socially-responsible fund.

In addition, Schwab Charitable made available on its website a new tool enabling donors to make investment allocation decisions based on their time horizon, granting behavior and risk tolerance.

Schwab Charitable is an independent nonprofit and donor-advised fund. It says the fund has raised more than $3.75 billion and made more than $1.5 billion in charitable grants.