Scottrade Advisor Services today said it added Portfolio Director portfolio management software to its suite of advisor tools. Scottrade acquired Portfolio Director's software in August, and is now rolling it out to advisors on its platform that provides custodial and institutional trading services for independent investment advisors.

Portfolio Director offers two advisor solutions: a downloadable desktop application and a Web-based solution. The program is available to all independent investment advisors. Advisors who custody assets at Scottrade get a discount. Portfolio Director's platform enables advisors to create their own asset allocation models and benchmark portfolios, rebalance client accounts to the models, produce more than 35 customizable financial reports, and use as many custodial interfaces as needed at no additional charge. It also lets advisors create custom asset classes and investment categories, quickly calculates client invoices, and integrates data with other Your Silver Bullet firms (a consortium of 22 technology companies that aim to make software that "plays well" together).  

Scottrade currently offers customized data conversion on an individual basis, and plans to offer a standardized conversion service. Bob Yacobucci, founder and former president of Portfolio Director, now oversees the Portfolio Director technology at Scottrade.


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