Janine Wertheim
President, Securities America Advisors
Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Securities America Inc.

I began my career in the industry at a small financial planning firm in South Carolina and in 1984 moved to Nebraska to help start Securities America. I’m pleased with how far women have come in the industry, but there is so much more we can do to empower women to excel. 

Broker-dealers and advisor offices should be working closely with colleges in their area to identify female students interested in a financial services career. Internships, scholarships and mentorships provide valuable experience and support for young women. At Securities America, we’ve invested in all three. The industry needs to showcase successful women in the business, so younger women can see and believe women do in fact succeed in financial services. 

Nurturing and encouraging young women to excel in financial services is the long-term goal. In the near-term, we can attract more women to the industry by promoting it as a second, third or even fourth career. Many of our top women advisors at Securities America had successful careers in teaching, nursing or counseling or had owned a different type of small business. Skills learned in those professions translate perfectly to working with clients to create financial plans and achieve their goals.

For women already in the industry, we can help build practices that work for them and their families. Securities America hosts a Super Women’s Summit as part of our annual conference, and we’re part of the Ladenburg Institute of Women and Finance, which hosts quarterly webinars and an annual conference for women advisors. Last year, Securities America launched womenadvisorsconnect.com, an online community where women advisors from across the industry can learn and collaborate. The site also features inspirational stories fromsuccessful women advisors sharing how they achieved their success.

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