Age may come with wisdom, but not necessarily with continued good health or wealth. For many seniors no longer able to live at home, healthy, wealthy and wise means looking for a nursing home that that is comfortable, clean, well-run and affordable.

SmartAsset has analyzed nursing home care in all 50 states and ranked the top 10.

To achieve that goal, SmartAsset examined nursing homes per 10,000 seniors; nurse staffing hours per resident per day; average fine amount incurred by nursing homes; percentage of long-stay residents with worsening health; percentage of short-stay residents with improvements in function; percentage of short-stay residents assessed and given the flu vaccine appropriately; and average cost of nursing home care. 

It found that the best nursing home care was in the South and in the Midwest, and that none of the top 10 states with the best nursing homes were located in the Northeast. The two Northeastern states that came closest to being ranked among the best were New Hampshire and New Jersey, each tied at 16th.

According to Genworth Cost of Care Survey data, which SmartAsset used to determine 2018 nursing home costs in all 50 states, Alaska—ranked 36th overall—had the highest cost of nursing home care at $351,495. That's more than six times the cost in Oklahoma, which ranked 15th and had the lowest average annual cost in the study. Even in the least expensive states, nursing home care will run more than $50,000 per year, but cost is only one of several factors used to determine where seniors will find the best nursing home care for their retirement dolla, the report said.

Below, in ascending order, are SmartAsset’s top 10 states of 2019 with the best nursing home care.

10.  Arizona (tied)

Arizona is popular with retirees for many reasons, and the state’s nursing home care is one of them. At $2,582, it has the fourth-lowest average fine amount of the study, while the average cost of nursing care is just $77,928 per year.