Whether you are looking for a starter home, a family home, an empty nester home or a forever home, you want real estate that is both stable and affordable, according to SmartAsset.

A healthy home market is one where it is just as easy to sell your home as it was to buy it, with a low risk of losing money over the long run, says SmartAsset in a report that ranks the nation's best home markets.

A healthy market, the website said, is characterized by four indicators: stability, risk, ease of sale and affordability.

Affordability accounted for 40% of SmartAsset’s Healthiest Markets Index, while each of the three other factors accounted for 20% each. In cases where data on the above four factors was unavailable for a city, SmartAsset excluded it from its rankings of the healthiest home markets.

Nationwide, homeowners live in their homes an average of 15.5 years. An average of 13.1% of them have negative equity, but 35.8% of homes decrease in value, according to SmartAsset. Homes nationwide cost their owners an average of 21.8% of their income, and are on the market an average of 166.1 days.

The following cities, in ascending order, are SmartAsset’s top 10 easiest places to sell a home: 

10. Westmont, Calif.

Suburban Westmont is located in Los Angeles County. Residents live an average of 13.4 years in their homes. No homes have negative equity and only 1.7% decrease in value. Homes cost 26.8% of income and are on the market for an average of 18.9 days.