Since Genworth created its Cost of Care Survey in 2004, the cost of long-term care in the U.S. has increased every year. And the effects of the coronavirus pandemic have driven up expenses even more this year.

2020 saw a considerable increase in the cost of residential community assisted-living facilities, Genworth said, and following last year’s trend, in-home care costs are also on the rise. Over a single year, assisted-living facility rates rose by 6.15%, resulting in an annual national median cost of $51,600 per year.

The services of homemakers (those who assist in the home and have more of a hands-off role with errands, chores, etc.) increased in cost by 4.44%, coming to an annual national median cost of $53,768. That was closely followed by home health aide services (which have more of a hands-on role with clients). These services saw a 4.35% increase in cost, rising to an annual national median of $54,912.

Private room nursing home rates increased by 3.57%, with an annual national median cost of $105,850, and semi-private nursing home rates jumped by 3.24% to an annual national median cost of $93,075. The one area that saw a decrease was adult day care, which declined by 1.33% to an annual national median cost of $19,240.

Genworth’s research included 435 cities and towns across all 50 states. The following list, from lowest to highest, includes the annual, monthly and daily costs for the top 10 most expensive states for long-term care in an assisted-living facility. Also included in the rankings are the cost of private room nursing homes and semi-private room nursing homes in those states.

10. Kansas
The annual cost for assisted living in Kansas is $61,080, the monthly cost is $5,090, and the daily charge is $167.

Care in a private room in a nursing home is much less in the state, which ranked No. 45. The annual cost is $84,315, the monthly cost is $7,026, and the daily cost is $231.

The state ranked No. 42 for the cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home, with an annual cost of $80,300, a monthly cost of $6,692 and a daily cost of $220.