Personal safety has obviously been a central issue this year as the U.S. continues to contend with the coronavirus epidemic and violence sparked by the death of George Floyd.

A new study, however, notes that some states went into these crises with a better track record for safety than others.

The WalletHub study looked at 53 safety metrics for all 50 states, with data touching upon crime, road safety, workplace accidents and deaths, among other indicators. "Our data set ranges from the state’s coronavirus support to assaults per capita and the unemployment rate," the report said.

The study's results showed significant differences among states in a number of safety-related areas, WalletHub said.

"Though tragedy can strike in any state, especially during this pandemic, some states are more vulnerable to danger than others," the report stated.

The following, in ascending order, were deemed the safest in WalletHub's report:

10. Rhode Island

The state has the nation's sixth-safest road system. It ranks eighth in personal and property safety and has the second-lowest rate of fatal occupational accidents.