Studies repeatedly indicate that Americans are falling short on saving for retirement, which means that where they choose to settle is a crucial factor for their quality of life, a new study says.

A ranking by personal finance website WalletHub took a look at which U.S. states offer the best environment for retirees, studying 46 factors in the areas of affordability, quality of life and healthcare services.

"Many people fear that retirement will mark the end of their financial security, and others worry they might never actually get to retire," WalletHub says in its report. "That’s understandable when 28% of non-retired adults haven’t saved any money for retirement and Social Security benefits replace only about 37% of the average worker’s earnings."

The following, in ascending order, are WalletHub's best states for retirement in 2024:

10. Pennsylvania

The state scores best in quality of life, ranking second in the nation, but Pennsylvania is also one of the least affordable states on this list, ranking 35th.