There are a number of women (and men) who evaluate potential partners by their wealth and their willingness to share their wealth. While other factors come into play, such as a sense of humor, physical attractiveness and sensitivity, these women (and men) make the "financials" a very important consideration in the decision. While segments of society might question-or even criticize-this calculus, as Marilyn Monroe said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." Seriously, if people want unconditional love for as long as they live, they should adopt a dog (I recommend

In reality, winning over a wealthy, desirable partner takes commitment and dedication. The competition is intense and the supply is limited. Sadly, the supply has dramatically shrunk as of late due to the worldwide economic meltdown, making partnering with a wealthy individual an ever more arduous endeavor.

There are very few mentors or even guidelines for people pursuing this course of action. However, there is The Perfume Society. About two decades ago a number of women who embraced the sugar lifestyle started a club-sort of like a sorority.

Eventually, they incorporated as The Perfume Society. The term "perfume" was chosen because, when it comes to perfume, it's easy to change brands-to upgrade. Similarly, when it comes to partners, it's easy to upgrade when a person knows how.

It's important to note that The Perfume Society is not gender biased. Men as well as women are permitted to join. Over the years, there have been male members of The Perfume Society. However, they've always been in the vast minority. Because men dominate the top of the wealth pyramid, the membership of The Perfume Society is usually-and presently-all female.

The Perfume Society consists of 113 full-fledged members and 28 provisional members. They are scattered throughout the world, although the organization is formally incorporated in Europe with four administrative staff. The annual dues are 40,000 euros for full-fledged members and 25,000 euros for provisional members. The money is principally used to create a "safety net" for members. Another key use of the funds is to support and enhance the encrypted communication technologies that are the backbone of The Perfume Society.

A significant and highly touted benefit of The Perfume Society is that members can turn to each other for advice. Members look to each other for insights born of lessons learned. What's very appealing to the membership is that any member can-anonymously if he or she so chooses-ask other members for advice on any subject. It always helps to have a knowledgeable sounding board. To this end, a plethora of topics are addressed, including:
The best look in bikini waxing - Brazilian, Hollywood, Tiffany Box, Shooting Star, and so forth.
How to maximize regifting opportunities.
The best asset protection strategies to insulate gifts from a partner's legal partner.
The most effective tactics for getting past "Club Cubes"-the husky doormen who guard the nightclub entrances.
How to structure a prenuptial agreement for timed self-destruction.

Not surprisingly, a strong sense of community and competition has developed among members. While the some of the ladies are happy to share the "personal weaknesses" of some of their peers, by and large there's a great deal of caring among members and a strong desire to be supportive. They can also be competitive. The "liveliest" competition is a bi-annual contest known as Abecedarian Love. The entry fee is 250,000 euros. The first participant to sleep with each "letter of the alphabet" - based on the person's first and last name - within a two-year period wins. Going in alphabetical order was proving too difficult so the decision was made to just cover all 26 letters in any order. If no one completes the task, the most successful person is deemed the winner. Currently, 31 members are competing, promising the winner a 7.75-million-euro payday.

Support groups are pervasive in society. They're also selectively present among the wealthy. Just consider Tiger 21, The Institution for Professional Investors, Club B and The Hyperboreans. Thus, it should come as little surprise that a group has formed catering to the financial pinnacle of the sugar lifestyle-The Perfume Society.