Clients can utilize a line of credit for a variety of purposes including real estate, business investments, large purchases, etc.  Securities-based lines of credit are often used to defer capital gains, take advantage of step up in tax basis in estate planning or even in strategies to purchase assets in all cash, which can often lead to favorable asset pricing.

A trusted advisor provides real value to the client in their ability to deliver advice about new opportunities. 

It Takes A Village
If you look at successful people, they are successful because they surround themselves with professionals that have solutions in different areas of expertise that they may not have.

You hire an accountant to help you not only file your taxes but run your business or personal finance in a way during the year that will help you recoup money or pay less at the end of the year.

You hire a lawyer to give you solid legal advice that will keep you on solid ground, along with saving you money.

The same is true for a wealth advisor, you hire an advisor to help and advise you and your business.

There are many financial institutions but what makes an institution special is having advisors that build relationships and get to know their clients so they can help with tailored solutions during every type of market cycle and as life's circumstances change.

At TD Wealth, we're advice-based, not just transaction-based. 

Reaching out to clients and being proactive about their finances and their goals really lets clients know they're being appreciated. And in return, clients will reciprocate that appreciation through their loyalty.

Bryan Loew is head of wealth lending sales at TD Bank U.S.

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