Students are naturally going to let off a little steam now and then given the high-pressure environment at U.S. colleges and universities. But some colleges are a little more exuberant than others when it comes to "living it up a little."

Princeton Review has released its 62nd annual survey of U.S. college students on an assortment of categories, including what institutions they view as the top party schools in the nation.

Schools on the party schools list were cited by students for their comparatively low daily student study hours, a high consumption of alcohol and drugs on campus, and the high popularity on campus of their fraternities and sororities, according to Princeton Review. The results were based on surveys of 140,000 students attending schools at 385 schools rated by Princeton Review as the best in the nation.

Some of the schools on the list have a long history of appearing on the annual party school list. The college deemed the top party school in the nation, for example, has been in the top 10 for eight years in a row.

Also notable is that all but two of the schools lie east of the Mississippi River, and while eight of the schools ranked in the top 20 for alcohol consumption, only two were in the top 20 for marijuana use.

The following, in ascending order, are Princeton Review's top 10 U.S. party schools:

10. University of Rhode Island
Kingston, R.I.
13,865 students

Students ranked this college third in the nation in terms of how widely marijuana is used.