For the first time in more than decade, the broad-market S&P 500 index entered the negative territory in each of the first three months of a calendar year. But not all S&P 500 stocks tumbled.

Some stocks remained immune to the effects of COVID-19, defying the economically crushing impact of a worldwide health catastrophe. While the Dow plunged 23.2% and the S&P 500 fell 20% - their worst-ever first quarter performance - and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite nosedived 23.2%, a hardy portfolio of stocks defied the financial freefall, and rallied in the first quarter of 2020. Investors who were prescient or shrewd enough to gamble on them were handsomely rewarded.

Here, in ascending order, are the top 15 best performing S&P 500 stocks of Q1 2020 that did not close in the negative.

15. J.M. Smucker Company (SJM-US)

Founded in Orrville, Ohio in 1897, J.M. Smucker Company manufactures jam, peanut butter and other food products Americans can snack on while relegated to their homes during the pandemic. On December 31, 2019, Smucker’s stock sold at $104.13 a share, but climbed to $111 a share on March 31, 2020, earning a 6.6% return on investment and a 3.2% current dividend yield.