Tony Petrilli is the CEO of ViewTrade Holding Corp. and Orbis Systems Inc. 

Russ Prince: What is ViewTrade Holding Corp., what are the challenges of serving clients across the globe and how do you address the needs of these firms domestically and on a cross-border basis? 
Tony Petrilli: Founded more than 22 years ago on the vision of creating a smoother, faster and more efficient trading process for firms seeking access to the U.S. equity and options market, today ViewTrade Holding Corp.—ViewTrade—through its subsidiaries ViewTrade Securities and Orbis Systems, is a staple across the globe. We have evolved to provide a cloud-based API infrastructure and offer services to empower the complete trading and investing lifecycle from account onboarding to executing the trade for financial firms worldwide. 

Today, our offerings continue to help banks, broker-dealers, advisors and fintech solution providers, in more than 20 countries on five continents, compete by offering solutions for global equity and U.S options trading and the processing of Crypto trading activity. We enable firms to easily create their customer’s user experience, without having to take on the burden of building the backbone technology that is necessary to meet regulatory, vendor, operational, and connectivity requirements. 

As you can imagine, working with clients across the globe, all with different compliance needs and ways of doing things, can have its unique challenges. However, we have designed our technology and APIs to be completely customizable and have established key partnerships to ensure all needs are met. 

Prince: What is ViewTrade doing to innovate and be a disruptor in the fintech/wealth management marketplace? 
Petrilli: The underlying success for many firms around the world is contingent on the continuous enhancements of technology. With the technological advancements we provide, companies can cut costs, improve relationships and ultimately make people’s lives better. Our APIs, SDKs and other services efficiently address onboarding, digital KYC, AML checks, bank account linking, cross-border funding, fractional share trading, as well as market data and insights.  

Our overarching mission is to simplify processes for domestic and international clients and empower them to grow their business while helping to further democratize and open global access to investing in U.S. options and global securities. We are very focused on servicing the needs of foreign broker-dealer firms that are working to make democratizing investing a global movement. Until now, maintaining and accessing the U.S. markets from overseas has been expensive. We build solutions at scale across the entire life cycle from client acquisition to fractional trading to moving funds cross border, saving our clients time and money while reducing risk.

Accessing U.S. markets is complicated considering the multiple layers of risk management, regulatory requirements, AML considerations, connectivity challenges and the high cost of cross-border fund movements. Instead of starting from scratch, startups and firms of any size can easily integrate and build off our APIs, SDKs and cloud-based microservices, which promote innovation in financial services, while also enabling legacy firms to evolve. 

Furthermore, our cloud communications model enables us to onboard clients quickly and support firms and investors around the world reliably. ViewTrade provides most of its products in multiple languages and offers client service in more than a dozen languages. 

Prince: Specifically, what is ViewTrade doing to meet the needs of advisors and fintech advisors, and what makes your offering unique compared to other firms?  
Petrilli: We recently launched a new all-in-one advisory platform called OneView that is unlike any other advisor workstation. Designed for RIAs, brokers and family offices that need to manage multiple accounts or multiple custodians, OneView is built to simplify their operations and investment management needs. It offers a wide range of features including digital onboarding, built-in risk management and compliance monitoring, robust trading capabilities, unparalleled market insight tools, as well as vast customization options, and an elevated user interface.  

However, its main differentiator is that we built the platform to be broker custodial agnostic and multi-custodial—we allow RIAs to keep relationships with their existing custodians. The transition is relatively simple, the advisor gives us access, they take in our APIs, and now they are able to use our front-end system.

We also understand that technology is the most critical aspect of an advisor’s back office. With OneView, we consolidate their vendors into one seamless platform. 

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