Voya Financial Inc. is on track in to change its name from ING US, Ann Glover, chief marketing officer for Voya announced Tuesday.

The ING US holding company will become Voya on Monday and the Investment Management and employee benefits units will transition May 1. On Sept. 1, ING Financial Partners will become Voya Financial Advisors.

The name changes are part of Voya establishing itself as an independent company, a process that should be complete in 2016. The rebranding process began when the name change was announced a year ago.

The rebranding effort encompasses offices in 10 cities across the country and 13 million customers, Glover says. Voya has $511 billion in assets under management and advisement.

An advertising campaign revolving around “orange money” has been launched on television and digitally. Voya has already started trading under the VOYA ticker.

Nothing will change for the customer accounts or policies, or the way clients and financial professionals work with the company.

“We want to bring the Voya name to life and we want to carry consumers with us,” Glover says. “The biggest challenge has been the scope of the rebranding.”