• Advisor Group introduced the CyberGuard Program, a toolkit of cybersecurity services and support platforms.

• DriveWealth launches WealthSeed, a new platform that gives independent contractors an alternative to traditional employer-sponsored savings plans.

• TradingScreen’s Execution Management System (EMS) has been certified for integration with thinkFolio.

• Birch Grove Capital selected ClearStructure’s Sentry PM as its portfolio management solution.

• Wealthsimple partnered with Mercer to launch Mercer’s Invest Wise, a digital saving and investing solution for Canadian workers to manage their personal finances, including retirement savings.

• Preqin’s private equity data will now be available via FactSet workstation.

Advisor Group, one of the nation’s largest networks of independent wealth management firms, comprising FSC Securities Corporation, Royal Alliance Associates, SagePoint Financial and Woodbury Financial, announced the introduction of the CyberGuard Program, an evolving toolkit of cybersecurity services and support platforms aimed at empowering its 7,000 advisors across the country to protect themselves and their clients from the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks. The program is designed to evolve over time as advisors’ cybersecurity needs continue to grow in the future.

DriveWealth LLC, a leader in global digital trading technology, in partnership with IPJukebox, a consumer-focused fintech company, announced the launch of WealthSeed, a new online investment product designed to give independent contractors a valuable alternative to traditional employer-sponsored savings plans. The DriveWealth platform is the engine for the new offering that aims to remove barriers to building long-term financial health.

"Whether they are freelancers, trade workers, IT programmers or other participants in the gig economy, independent contractors often don't have access to a wealth-building system to provide financial security for their future," said IPJukebox CEO Ed Konchalski. "Our new WealthSeed offering removes the barriers to entry by offering easy-to-use online brokerage accounts with straightforward, quality investment choices -- with no account minimum. Those workers who thought they couldn't afford to invest or set money aside now have a great new vehicle, and it's incredibly easy to get started."

Toronto-based FinTech Wealthsimple has partnered with Mercer, a consulting firm for the health and wealth management industries, to launch Mercer’s Invest Wise solution. Invest Wise is a white-labeled version of Wealthsimple’s product. The platform combines Wealthsimple’s automated investing technology and Mercer’s curation of portfolios. Canadian employers can offer their employees the service, which allows users to manage retirement savings and digital investing.

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