Aggies Texas A&M (as in Agriculture & Military) University has announced it has a new affiliation with our friends at FedFis, a superb banking database. Thing is, if you're a Horned Frog alum (as is our CEO), you may think of the Aggies for their awesome marching band, or their military- and agriculture-oriented curriculum, but NOT for banking. However, their Mays Business School offers a Commercial Banking Program, and the FedFis database is now available for use in teaching students on the new digital banking paradigm. We've spent time on this database and know the owner well, and we think it's SUPERB that this offering is now going to be available to help instruct our nation's future bankers.

"Mays Business School’s Commercial Banking Program (CBP) has selected FedFis to provide a financial database for its program. FedFis, a national provider of real-time precision industry data and platforms for financial institutions, will also join Mays’ Commercial Banking Program Advisory Board as an affiliate member alongside 37 member banks.

Only a few such partnerships exist in the nation. Dwight Garey, executive director of the Commercial Banking Program at Mays, said “The FedFis product offering is a tremendous benefit for our program, and will add significant value to our students’ educational experience.”

He added: “Members of our board like FedFis are deeply engaged in the governance of our program, and are actively involved in all aspects of the CBP, including classroom instruction with our students.”

Dave Mayo, CEO of FedFis said “We are honored to be selected by Texas A&M University/May’s Business School’s Commercial Banking Program. This is our third national partnership banking program designed to help train a new generation of digital bankers. With bank mergers at an all-time high over the past few years, building a deep financial understanding of banking is more critical than ever before. Alongside Texas A&M, we take great pride in helping mold tomorrow’s leaders in the banking industry.”

Texas A&M University’s Commercial Banking Program (CBP) is a flagship internship program in the Department of Finance, designed to equip students with the best practices for a career in commercial banking. Graduate students admitted to the Master’s in Financial Management degree plan may also apply for admission to the CBP."

Source: Texas A&M University/Mays Business School