Wise Investing Made SimpleWise Investing Made Simple: Larry Swedroe's Tales to Enrich your Future

Wall Street wants you to think that investing is hard. Financial advisors dazzle us with two-bit words like "Sharpe ratio." Flashy advertisements tease us with historical performance. We are taught to lust after mysterious Greek letters - alpha, beta, delta - and are seduced by what Jane Bryant Quinn calls the "investment pornography" of Wall Street. Confused (and sometimes afraid), most of us end up paying too much for what amounts to mediocre advice.

Wise Investing Made Simple turns that paradigm on its head, using entertaining stories about sports, myths and money to explain the most important concepts in investing. Using this book, you can cut through the fog of false promises to uncover simple, low-cost strategies that will beat the majority of professional investors.

Wise investing doesn't take rocket science. It takes good old-fashioned common sense, and a willingness to look past the marketing machine of Wall Street. Larry Swedroe's Wise Investing Made Simple shows you how.

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