A number of organizations give out private wealth industry awards, which provide value to winners in a number of ways. For example, they can reinforce the goodwill between providers and their clients and help with sourcing and converting prospects into clients.

We in no way want to question any other organizations’ awards, but we have chosen to develop an award methodology completely on our own—one that we feel is transparent and provider-friendly.

For each category, there will be three achievement levels:
• Best In Class (statue).
• Exceptional (plaque).
• Honorable Mention (parchment).

We’re going to employ very strict criteria for bestowing these awards. If you want an Honorable Mention, the price is $5,000; Exceptional costs $10,000; and the price for Best in Class is $15,000.

There’s no politics of any kind, whatsoever. If you want an award in a particular category, it’s yours, even if someone else gets the same award. As long as you meet the very strict criteria (see above), the award is yours.

Another advantage to the Private Wealth awards is that we have an unlimited number of categories. We have all the traditional categories, of course, such as:
• Leading Multifamily Office
• Industry Thought Leader
• Lifetime Achievement

But we also have a number of more innovative categories:
• Leading Middle-Aged Family Office
• Leading RIA Pretending To Be A Multifamily Office
• Leading Multifamily Office Pretending To Be An RIA

What really separates the Private Wealth awards from all other awards is that you can create your own award. Whatever award you want to win, we will give to you provided you meet our strict criteria.

There are probably some professionals who want awards because they are either narcissists or amazingly insecure. If this sounds like you, we have a special feature you can add to your parchment, plaque or statue—your picture. You provide us with your picture and, for an additional $2,500 per award, we will (using the finest double-sided tape we have in the office) affix your picture to the award.

For those of you deserving of multiple awards, we have instituted a special program. Let’s say you deserve the Leading RIA Award, the Thought Leader Award, the Leading Investment Manager With Less Than $25 Million AUM Award, the Superior Back Office Award and the Leading Philanthropic Advisor Award. You can obtain all these awards at a 20% discount. That’s right, you heard correctly. If you acquire five or more awards in any calendar year, there is a 20% discount.

For the sake of your business, or to help you stop waking up at night in a cold sweat fearing your clients will recognize you for the incompetent you are, don’t you deserve a Private Wealth award? Just remember our motto: If you are willing to pay for it, we will give you the award!