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Small Companies Could Face Big Risks From Climate Change


Are small companies telling investors about climate risks and opportunities that affect their businesses? A new study examined 364 companies to find out.

India's Toilet Shortage Costs More Than $50 Billion

A lack of toilets costs India more than $50 billion a year, mostly through premature deaths and hygiene-related diseases, a study found.

Cornell Gets $80 Million For Sustainability Research

Cornell University received $80 million from alumnus David R. Atkinson and his wife, Patricia, to create a research center for global sustainability at the school's main campus.

Homeowners Exposed to Chemicals in Floors, Group Says

U.S. homes may contain flooring and wallpaper that emit the types of toxic chemicals the Consumer Product Safety Commission has banned from toys, an environmental group says.

A Government For The People


The fact that the potentially cancer-causing chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, has been found in 93% of people over the age of six is enough reason for me that it should be banned...

Counting On Green


The BP disaster has thrown a spotlight on environmental, social and governance data. 

BPA Rears Its Ugly Head-Again


You're going to be surprised where the controversial chemical bisphenol A-which has been linked to significant health problems-is showing up now.

Companies Ranked On Environmental Issues


Intel Corp., Weyerhaeuser Co. and Merck & Co. ranked highest, respectively, in their handling of environmental issues based on a new rating system created by Soyka & Co. and IW Financial.

Criticized Climate Scientists Found To Be Honest, Not Open

Climate scientists at the center of a row over the reliability of climate science were found to be honest and rigorous, but lacking in openness, the final inquiry into hacked e-mails has found.

Green Companies On The Fast Track For Growth

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

SRI leader shares top investment picks in sustainability markets targeted for average annual revenue growth of 20%-plus in a weak economy.

EPA Delays Enforcing Lead Paint Regulation

The EPA has decided to delay enforcing a new lead-paint regulation following pressure from home builders and Congress.

A Lonelier Life At The Top

by Hannah Shaw Grove

The size and scope of the ultra-affluent market have shrunk since 2008, but opportunities remain for conscientious advisors.

The Impact Of Negative Screening

by Jon Quigley and Lyn Taylor

New research shows that SRI/ESG screens produce different results than many mainstream advisors perceive.

Staring At Opportunity

by Raymond Fazzi

MFOs have a chance to shine bright during these troubled times, according to an industry roundtable.

Client Interest In ESG Expected To Grow


Nearly nine out of 10, or 88%, of investment consultants who participated in a recent survey believe that client interest in ESG issues will continue to grow over the next three years.

Oil Sands And Our Future


Canada is the United States' biggest oil supplier, and most of the oil the U.S. gets from Canada in the future is likely to come from oil sands deposits in the province of Alberta...

SRI Veteran Named CEO Of Trillium


Matthew Patsky, a 25-year veteran of socially responsible investing, has joined Trillium Asset Management as its CEO.

Point, Counterpoint Over Climate Change

by Bruce W. Fraser

We talk with two scientists with opposing views on how to handle the climate change problem.

Award-Winning Study Looks At Social Vs. Financial Strength


Do industries perform better financially when they do things like prevent pollution or treat their workers equitably?

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