A Model Relationship

by David Lawrence

Advisors have far more tools than ever to build a powerful system for developing client relationships.

Still The One

by Joel Bruckenstein

MoneyGuidePro's Generation 2 is as groundbreaking as the original version.

The Other Side Of The Ledger

by Joel Bruckenstein

Financial Crossing helps manage client liabilities.

Keeping The Lines Open

by David J. Drucker

Not enough time in the day to keep in touch with your clients? Try these electronic shortcuts.

A First Look

by Joel Bruckenstein

Upswing 2.0 Beta is a Web-based CRM system that provides a nice balance between features and usability.

Keeping The Record Straight

by David Lawrence

The SEC is looking at adopting standards for electronic record-keeping.

Process Can Make Your Firm Great

by Andrew Gluck

Process proselytizers at ActiFi help advisory firms achieve success.

Coming Of Age

by Joel Bruckenstein

Online document storage systems have advanced considerably over the last few years.

Linking Up

by David J. Drucker

Social networking sites draw bad publicity for good reason, but can the same technology be harnessed to transform the business world in a positive way?

Keeping It Private

by David Lawrence

More firms need to take steps to protect client and firm data.

Retirement Good Fortune

by Joel Bruckenstein

When the goal at hand is just to look at retirement scenarios, Silver Financial Planner will serve you well.

Getting The Word Out

by David Lawrence

Improving client communications is key, particularly during times like these.

Mind Mapping

by Joel Bruckenstein

Some financial advisors find mind mapping software helpful in analyzing issues.

From Video Blogs To Vista

by Andrew Gluck

Making marketing videos for your Web site; a look at the Vista fiasco.

Kicking It Up A Notch

by Joel Bruckenstein

Broker-dealers are introducing more tech tools to reduce time spent on tedious tasks.

Is The Price Right?


Putting a value on life insurance settlements can be a tricky endeavor, but there are rational methods...


Fiduciary Network Buys Stake In Brouwer, Janachowski Fiduciary Network has purchased a minority equity position in Brouwer, Janachowski & Co...

Unfinished Business

by Andrew Gluck

A 36-year-old computer geek who made $12 million on the 2002 sale of his advisor software company is back with a vengeance.

Seeing Forrester From The Trees

by Joel Bruckenstein

Forrester's new software report is better than past versions, but some findings need a closer look.

Fidelity's Silver Bullet

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Firm to launch a fully integrated Web platform for advisors.