College Planning/529 Plans

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Six 529 Plans Win Top Morningstar Rating


Six 529 college savings plans have been ranked as the nation's top plans by Morningstar analysts in 2011, while another 15 plans have received above-average ratings, according to the research...

Tuition Jumps 8.3% Doubling Inflation

Tuition and fees at U.S. public universities soared 8.3 percent this year, twice the rate of inflation, to an average $8,244, a College Board report found. Nonprofit private college costs rose 4...

Retirement Planning Is A Hands-On Process, Expert Says


A retirement advisor details his step-by-step process to help clients navigate retirement planning.

Bank Of America Lures New Customers


The bank is seeking out a special niche where advisory services are scarce.

College Loan Defaults Hit 12-Year High In '09

Borrowers defaulted on federal student loans at an 8.8 percent rate for fiscal 2009, up from 7 percent a year earlier, the U.S. Education Department said today.

Parents Eye Grants, Scholarships For College Funds

Teenage students and their parents are looking to outside sources such as grants and scholarships rather than solely family savings to pay for college, according to a new survey. 

Parents May Dig Deeper To Pay For College Costs


Changes in college savings plans, known as 529s, may cost parents a little more money this fall.

Bumpy Road

by Ben Mattlin

Fans of 529 plans say they are the right vehicle for many to save for college expenses, but they acknowledge the last ten years haven't produced the hoped-for gains.

TIAA-CREF Replaces Fidelity For California 529 Plan

California has picked TIAA-CREF to manage its college-savings plan that has about $4 billion in assets.

U.S. Colleges Not Worth The Cost, Report Says

Higher education fails to provide students "good value" for the money they and their families spend, more than half of U.S. adults said in a survey.

Republicans Brace for 'Abuse' Over Budget Cuts Beyond Medicare

Republican lawmakers say they are ready for the backlash against their 2012 budget that slashes spending for Medicare, education, job training and socials services.

Head Of The Class

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

YBS is a step forward in college planning software.

The College Shopping Maze

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Saving for college often isn't enough anymore; advisors help parents go school shopping.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium  

Skin In The Game

by Mitch Anthony

Why your clients' kids should pay for part of their college educations.

Fixing Harvard's Investing Failures Will Take Years

Harvard Management Co.'s CEO has been dramatically restructuring the world's richest university endowment ever since Harvard lost more than any other Ivy League school in the financial crisis.

More Advisors Providing College Help

More financial advisors are being asked by affluent clients to help with a job that used to be for parents alone: finding the right college for their children.

Advisors More Involved In Clients' College Prep Plans


A Fidelity study found that a growing number of financial advisors are providing a wider range of services to help their clients' kids go to college.

Roth IRA Conversions And College Planning

by Troy Onink and Bernard Whalen

Additional income resulting from a Roth conversion may lower financial aid eligibility and impact use of a federal tax credit for education.

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