Eighty-nine percent of U.S. investors plan to increase or maintain their investments for 2013, according to a survey released today by Schroders.

Equities are the investment product most respondents preferred, the survey found. Of the U.S. investors polled, 55 percent plan to invest in U.S. equities. Eighteen percent are planning to invest in global equities and the same number are looking to invest in emerging market equities.

Schroders polled 14,800 investors in 20 countries. Respondents had to have over $15,000 that they wanted to invest in the next 12 months in order to participate.

The report shows that investor confidence is returning. Nearly half (48%) of all respondents said they are more confident about investment opportunities in 2013 than they were last year. Those in the U.S. and Asia show the greatest confidence, with 59 percent more confident about prospects compared with 39 percent in Europe and the Middle East.

The average amount to be invested or re-invested by U.S. respondents this year is just over $132,000, according to Schroders.

More than a third of all investors are planning to increase the amount they invest in the next 12 months, with an average increase of 3 percent over 12 months ago. Thirty-four percent of American investors are looking to increase the amount of money they invest in 2013 by 3 percent, and 55 percent expect to invest the same amount.

Globally, 81 percent of all respondents plan to increase or maintain their investments for 2013, the survey found. Sixty-eight percent of all investors are planning to invest in equities in 2013.

“As we move through the second quarter of 2013, investors are planning to return to the stock market in greater numbers this year and see growth opportunities, particularly in equities and notably in Asia,” said Massimo Tosato, executive vice chairman, Schroders.