Incapital and Nuveen Asset Management today announced an equity trust based on 10 market predictions for 2014 by Bob Doll, Nuveen’s chief equity strategist and senior portfolio manager.

Incapital is the trust’s underwriter and sponsor, and is offering units to the public through broker-dealers and other firms. Nuveen Asset Management is the portfolio consultant and has selected 25 equity securities for the trust based on Doll’s predictions.

A few of Doll’s predictions for 2014 include a U.S. economy that grows 3% and private employment hitting an all-time high; 10-year Treasury yields moving toward 3.5% as the Federal Reserve completes tapering; U.S equities having another good year; and the dollar appreciating as U.S. energy and manufacturing trends continue to improve.
The portfolio will include 25 approximately equally weighted large-cap stocks from the Russell 1000 Index. Among the anticipated holdings are Macy’s, Altria Group, Chesapeake Energy Corp., Pfizer Inc., Raytheon Co., Hewlett-Packard Co., International Paper Co. and Verizon.

The trust is the first in a series of equity unit trust offerings resulting from a partnership between Incapital and Nuveen. Investor interest in unit trusts has increased over the past several years. Total assets invested in unit trusts have more than doubled in the last four years to approximately $90 billion, according to Investment Company Institute Yearbook and Incapital LLC. A unit trust is an unmanaged investment vehicle with a fixed portfolio of securities chosen to achieve a specific investment goal and held for a specific period of time, says Incapital.

The trust has an initial offering price of $10 per unit and its offering period is expected to end about April 9.