Dalton Strategic Investment Services, based in Knightstown, Ind., has affiliated with Securities America. The firm has approximately 60 advisors in 18 states and $950 million in client assets.

Steve Dalton, who founded the firm in 1988, said in a statement that the company intends to wind down operations and that most of its advisors, who collectively generate about $7 million in annual revenue, have moved to Securities America.

“We evaluated 10 other broker-dealers before choosing Securities America as the right partner for our future success,” Dalton said. “The cultural fit, technology and practice management support Securities America provides will help us grow our business and develop our advisors, and serve as a strong value proposition for recruiting additional advisors.”

Securities America has partnered with several smaller broker-dealers in recent years. In 2013, the firm added 30 advisors from Eagle One Investments in Washington, Iowa. In 2012, the company transitioned 140 advisors from Investors Security Company Inc. In 2010, 45 advisors transitioned from Equitas and 40 from ePlanning. And in 2009, Securities America acquired broker-dealer Brecek & Young Associates from Security Benefit Corp., adding 260 advisors.

“Our conversations with smaller broker-dealers have increased, and we are looking for additional opportunities in this space,” said Jim Nagengast, Securities America chief executive officer and president. “These firms most often cite compliance costs, technology costs and business development as their reasons to consider joining a larger broker-dealer.”