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JPMorgan Is Adding India To Its Emerging-Markets Bond Index

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The decision is the latest sign of India's growing appeal to international investors.

Morgan Stanley 'Last Bull Standing' On Treasurys As Peers Shift


The investment bank is advising its clients to buy Treasury five-year notes and 30-year inflation-linked debt.

Treasurys Are Still In A Class Of Their Own Despite Fitch Cut

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Despite their Fitch downgrade, few assets rival Treasurys' status as the haven of choice.

'Decade Of Emerging Markets' May Be About To Regain Traction


Benchmark share indexes are expected to rise in most emerging markets by year-end.

Traders Brace For Volatility With Debt Deal Still Elusive

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The debt-ceiling debate has become an unwelcome sideshow for investors.

Treasuries' Biggest Investors Lose Key Reason To Back The Bond Rally

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While the bond sell-off seems to be on hold, Japanese investors aren't moving back to U.S. Treasurys.

These Are The World's Best (And Worst) Pension Systems In 2021


The U.S., at 19th, could increase its ranking if it raised the minimum pension for low-income retirees.

Investors See More Pain Ahead As Global Stock Rout Gathers Pace

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Bond yields in Australia and New Zealand have dropped to record lows.

Boston, L.A. Offer Best Property Returns As U.S. Economy Slows


As the economy slows, real estate investors are looking to cities in pockets of rapid growth.

Tech Billionaire Buys Australia's Most Expensive Home For About $73 Million

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It's the largest privately owned beachfront holding on Sydney Harbour.