Gerald Porter Jr.

Unrest Is Changing The Way Americans Spend Money

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The shocks of a virus, lockdowns and civil unrest have people changing the way they spend their money.

Estee Lauder Workers Demand Heir Ouster Over Trump Support

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More than 100 employees and staff asked for the removal of Ronald Lauder over his political donations.

Vaping Fight Hits Fever Pitch With Meeting At White House

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Proponents and opponents of flavored vaping products openly argued in front of the president and reporters invited to observe.

The ‘Silver Platter’ Insider-Trading Case Is Back


Barred evidence complicates what might have been a straight-forward case of insider trading.

Avenatti Goes After Nike Papers To Show He’s No Extortionist

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He's trying to prove that employees of the sportswear giant illegally funneled money to elite high school basketball players.

London Dealer Jailed For Swindling Clients On Picasso Sales


The art dealer used money from the sales to buy first-class airline tickets.

Bernie Madoff Asks Trump To Reduce His 150-Year Prison Sentence

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Because of his time already served, the con man is essentially asking to be released.

Jennifer Garner's Baby Food Brand Closes $20 Million Investment


Once Upon a Farm makes cold-pressed baby food, applesauce and smoothies packaged in refrigerated pouches.