Bailout Plan Spells Trouble For Future Mortgages

by Milton Ezrati

Long-term legal and liquidity risks will be the result.

Bringing Life To An Old Fund

by Marla Brill

The 72-year-old Evergreen Balanced Fund gets a remodel from new manager Margaret Patel.

A Better Mousetrap

by Craig L. Israelsen> Craig L. Israelsen

Pure Target indexes deliver simple sophistication to investors.

Out Of The Style Box

by Bruce A. Weininger

Managers need freedom and flexibility to deliver superior investment results.

The Bond ETF Explosion

by Marla Brill

Still at less than 6% of total ETF assets, expect many more to pop up.

Fund Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Alan Lavine

Growth might be a bright spot in 2008, but the financial sector still may take a big toll.

Strategic Moves


United Capital's Joe Duran must see ways to improve an advisory firm's business before he offers to buy it.

Playing Both Sides

by Marla Brill

MainStay fund uses convertibles to lower volatility.

Undiscovered Investment

by Eric Uhlfelder

For a decade, the Australian economy has been goosed forward, offering upside for investors who want to ship capital down under.

Another BRIC In The Wall


Russia offers investors potential appreciation-and apprehension.


Pershing Makes Inroads With Independent Advisors Smart investment advisors will triple their assets in the next four years, according to a new report from Pershing...


Two Firms Target Fee-Only Advisors Phoenix Companies Inc...

Fidelity's Silver Bullet

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Firm to launch a fully integrated Web platform for advisors.

The Art Of Delegation

by Marla Brill

This large-cap value fund winnows its picks by seeking the advice of several managers.

The New Indexing Maze

by Marla Brill

Many ETFs are based on indexes unheard of a few years ago. Advisors need to do their homework on them.

The Dollar Trap

by Eric Uhlfelder

Observers predict the dollar will reverse course, and unhedged investors who have benefited from foreign currency appreciation may get hurt.

Trading Spaces?


After a seven-year run-up, the hot REIT market has finally cooled off this year. Does it present a buying opportunity?

After the storm


Bond buyers were hiding behind the redoubts of safe investments after the summer credit implosion. Now they're looking for better-yielding names from the wreckage.

Cautious Optimism

by Alan Lavine

Stock and bond market experts are looking into their crystal balls to see what lies ahead with the Fed, inflation and international turmoil.

New Twists On The Oldest Economy


Agriculture could be poised for long-term growth.