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Capturing Alpha With ETFs

by C. Michael Carty and Julia M. Carty

Devising profitable strategies requires recognizing when a cyclical change is taking place.

Carnival For Investors


Brazil's sizzling bull market is entering its sixth year, but can the party last?

Trump Card

by Tracey Longo

International funds have had a winning streak, but will they outplay others this year?

Stars Align For Long-Short Funds

by Alan Lavine

Long-short funds have been outperforming most equity funds over the last year.

Hedging Your Bets

by Eric L. Reiner

Hedge funds and their mutual fund knock-offs challenge advisors.


Former Fed Vice Chair Reflects On Financial System Slump It's the recovery, stupid. Forget all the endless talk about a recession...

Investment Utopia

by Sydney LeBlanc

Do investments exist that offer lower risk, lower costs and alpha generation?

Where The Dividends Are

by Marla Brill

Columbia Dividend Income Fund looks for kings of cash.

Protecting The Ranch

by Eric L. Reiner

These estate-planning strategies may help your clients pass as much as possible to their heirs.

Managing The Municipal Malaise

by Marla Brill

Slackened demand could bring higher yields and more choices for investors.

A Compelling Inconvenience

by Tracey Longo

Dick Vodra may be the only investment advisor talking about climate change and how it affects his clients.

Green Sensibility


Alabamian Scott Walton is building a center for eco-sustainability.

The Next Biggest Thing


Green investing holds great promise, but investors need to differentiate the hope from the hype.

Where They Stand

A look at separately managed account performance.


Fiduciary Network Buys Stake In Brouwer, Janachowski Fiduciary Network has purchased a minority equity position in Brouwer, Janachowski & Co...

Bailout Plan Spells Trouble For Future Mortgages

by Milton Ezrati

Long-term legal and liquidity risks will be the result.

Bringing Life To An Old Fund

by Marla Brill

The 72-year-old Evergreen Balanced Fund gets a remodel from new manager Margaret Patel.

A Better Mousetrap

by Craig L. Israelsen> Craig L. Israelsen

Pure Target indexes deliver simple sophistication to investors.

Out Of The Style Box

by Bruce A. Weininger

Managers need freedom and flexibility to deliver superior investment results.

The Bond ETF Explosion

by Marla Brill

Still at less than 6% of total ETF assets, expect many more to pop up.

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