July 2001

Why Age 65 Is Irrelevant


Advisors are helping affluent clients sort through new opportunities that are changing the meaning of retirement.

An Information Brownout?


Making sense of managed-account performance is a time-consuming challenge.

The Real Story About Investors and Online Trading

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Most people with real money want a real advisor.

You're Going To Love Us!

by J. Michael Martin

How to help self-directed retirees value our advice.

On The Contrary, Mr. Greenspan

by Thomas M. Kostigen

Clinton‚s top economist takes the Fed chairman to task.

Getting Creative With ETFs


Exchange-traded funds offer ways to hedge, cut taxes and allocate assets.

A High-Wire Act For Advisors

by C. Michael Carty

A new method for rebalancing portfolios avoids old, inefficient hat tricks.

Chinks In The E&O Armor

by Tracey Longo

Advisors are making more mistakes, but clients aren‚t filing more lawsuits–yet.

How To Protect Your Practice

by Thomas D.Giachetti

An attorney offers advice on improving compliance and reducing exposure.

Advisors Must Shift To Value-Based Fees

by Mark Hurley and Tom Fuller

The move may accelerate if the equity premium declines further.

Bullish On Bargain Bonds

by Marla Brill

Dan Fuss is looking for a turnaround in the cheap bonds he loves.

Priming The Pump Won't Pay Off

by Mimi Lord

So says Northern Trust‚s economist Paul Kasriel about Fed policies.

Advisor Emporium


Company Acquires Business Serving Advisors RunMoney Corp., a San Diego-firm that provides comprehensive money manager platforms, has acquired PlannersChoice...