September 2001

Are Your Strategies Obsolete?


It‚s time to see if they need adjusting.

Personality Counts

by Brett Van Bortel & Russ Alan Prince

This new strategy may help you keep clients–and win others–by learning about their nature.

In Search Of The Holy Grail

by Raymond Fazzi

Software companies large and small are on a quest to offer the complete financial planning solution.

An Alternative For The Affluent

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Managed accounts are giving mutual funds a run for the money of high-net-worth investors.

When Average Is Not Enough

by J. Michael Martin

Why the S&P 500 will provide low absolute returns.

Hedging Your Way Through A Bear Market

by Gregory Bresiger

Will funds that focus on disaster be a good deal for investors?

Cushioning The Blow


Advisors often must act as therapists for newly unemployed clients.

In Search Of The Elusive Word

by Richard B. Wagner

Life planning is not the right description of what we do.

Advisors Share Their Marketing Tactics

by Raymond Fazzi

These creative ideas are bringing in clients.

Another Manager With The Nebraska Knack

by Marla Brill

Warren Buffett isn‚t the only Omaha denizen who has made a name for himself.

Warming Up To Annuities

by Mimi Lord

Advisors likely will be spending more time annuitizing a portion of client assets

Leader Of The PAC

by Tracey Longo

The FPA hopes its new PAC will win over members and politicians.

At Peace With Himself

by Eva Marer

Vietnam vet Jim Warren is helping young people develop values for life.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation (And My Tax Cut)

by Keith D. Allaire

These events hold the secret of successful investment management in the year ahead.

Advisor Emporium


FPtransitions Signs New Clients FPtransitions, a Portland, Ore.-based firm that helps advisors buy, sell or merge their practices, has signed Jefferson Pilot Securities Corp...

Frontline News


NASDR to Media Darlings: Disclose Your Conflicts Life may get tougher for industry media darlings now that the National Association of Securities Dealers...