February 2002

Reading The Recession


This slowdown has been muted, and the recovery may be, too. Crystal balls always cloud over when the economy enters a recession. Among the blind, the one-eyed observer can become a king.

Spiritual Planning

by Raymod Fazzi

Ronald Blue is on a mission to show that religion and financial planning do indeed mix...

This Year's Resolution

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

An up-to-date estate plan for every client...

What Are We Afraid Of?

by J. Michael Martin

How to help clients manage their fears...

Value Exacts Its Retribution

by Raymond Fazzi

It proved to be the standout style in a dismal 2001...

2001 Indexes' Odyssey

by Jim Wiandt

A handful of indexes took off compared with their peers. Any way you slice it, from U.S. large growth to the Philippines, 2001 was not kind to equity indexes...

A Poor Year, But Rich Interest In ETFs

by James Pacetti

Their assets and numbers grew in 2001, despite the weak market. Mutual fund companies are in their second year of tough times, with another difficult year in the equity markets...

LTC Insurance: How Much Do You Know?

by Tracey Longo

That‚s what clients will ask as federal workers are offered coverage this fall...

Reverse Mortgages: The Wild West Days Are Ending

by Tracey Longo

Once maligned, they now can be respectable options for some clients...

Building An Atmosphere Of Trust


New laws make needed changes, but they won't solve every family feud...

The Prince Of Misfortune Avenue

by Eva Marer

C. Richard Hearn creates nonmaterial riches by serving disabled clients. Back in the old days, when advisor C. Richard Hearn, president of STARCARE Associates in Newport Beach, Calif...

Navigating Through The 401(k) Maze


Specializing in the 401(k) market is becoming less burdensome. For most independent financial advisors, helping businesses set up 401(k) plans hasn‚t been a big part of what they do...

Prescription For Profits?

by Marla Brill

In the short term, the health-care sector faces serious challenges...

From Recession To Recovery

by Lincoln Anderson

The restructuring under way should leave the economy poised for growth. Well, it is official: The National Bureau of Economic Research finally has declared that we are in a recession.

Advisor Emporium


LPL Releases New Financial Information And Software Network LPL Financial Services has released BranchNet 2001, a network of financial information and software to help...

Editor's Note


Return To Basic Principles One of the attractions of the financial services business is that there‚s never a dull moment...

Frontline News


September 11 Attacks Fuel Insurance-Rate Increases Since the terrorist attacks, reasonably priced insurance has become harder to find...